Present Tense Dance aims to enhance the Rochester community's understanding of contemporary dance by creating and performing dance concerts and workshops that are artful and intellectually stimulating. In addition, Present Tense Dance aims to reach out to new audiences by bringing dance to a variety of populations. The company has connected with the community through performances and workshops, reaching a wide audience including senior citizen, children, and dancers from the beginning level to professional.

Present Tense Dance premiered under Artistic Director Anne Harris Wilcox at Carpe Diem in Rochester, NY in 1991. Performances have taken us throughout New York State and New England, with a repertory of over 40 works ranging from full-evening dance theater productions like When the Souls Rise, A Public and Private Hearth, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Seal Maiden, to signature individual works including Kreis Verkehr, Western River Expedition, Sic Gloria Transit Mundi, and Oil on Canvas. The company has had the pleasure of performing in Visions of Sound Festival, Rebound Festival, Image/Movement/Sound, the Tri-Arts Festival, Paint Made Flesh Exhibit Opening at Memorial Art Gallery, and Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective performances, among many others festivals and venues.

We've been thrilled to have broad support and brilliant collaborators. The company has been supported by grants from New York State, New York Foundation on the Arts, Rochester businesses, and individual contributors. Many of Harris Wilcox's works spring from her passion for multi-disciplinary, collaborative dance-theater. In those collaborations, she's worked with so many gifted composers including Alan Terriciano, Richard Scott, Ward Hartenstein, Michaela Eremiasova, Bernadette Speech, and Miché Fambro.

Of course, Present Tense Dance could never have existed without the talent, dedication, commitment, and sweat of the over 30 PTD dancers who've performed with us since 1991. The best part of looking back, is seeing that the repertory has a life of its own, staying alive through the artistry of the dancers and the animating spirit of music.

Artistic Director Wilcox looks forward to the future knowing there is still so much more creativity to tap.